Ezekiel's Temple

Tour of the Temple of Ezekiel's vision





The 3D model of the Third Temple was created

 according to Ezekiel's prophecy, and it was determined location of

 the Third Temple in the Judean desert

Tuesday, 07.07.2020



...that they may all be one; even as You,
Father, are in Me and I in You, that they
also may be in Us, so that the world
may believe that You sent Me.

   (John 17:21)






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Forum for the construction of Ezekiel's Temple, the Third Temple of Israel

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    The Third Temple
    Theology of the Third Temple
    Theory of the Third Temple and the Second Coming of Jesus Christ
    57 224 Saturday, 13.06.2020, 08:25
    Thread: It's only going to waste...
    Posted by: Andrew
    Features of the Third Temple
    How does this correspond to the prophecy of Ezekiel. Not on the halakha.
    12 7 Tuesday, 14.01.2020, 09:15
    Thread: Why do guard rooms need sepa...
    Posted by: Andrew
    The project of the Temple. News and discussion.
    Discuss the project of the Third Temple.
    5 54 Sunday, 02.06.2019, 14:22
    Thread: Natural inscription on the m...
    Posted by: shushakvk29
    Modeling and visualization of the Third Temple
    Questions about 3D modeling and visualization of the Third Temple
    8 117 Friday, 24.01.2020, 18:11
    Thread: 3d model of the Third (Ezeki...
    Posted by: Andrew
    Implementation of the Third Temple
    What are you doing for the Third Temple?
    5 8 Tuesday, 26.11.2019, 16:22
    Thread: Need help from archaeologists
    Posted by: Andrew
    Questions from extraneous
    For those who have decided on their attitude to the Third Temple, but would like to understand the idea of this construction.
    0 0 No posts

    Other matters
    Questions about the forum
    1 2 Monday, 11.03.2019, 17:42
    Thread: About this forum
    Posted by: shushakvk29
    Politics and World News
    Discussion of political and world events
    2 1 Wednesday, 15.01.2020, 06:25
    Thread: Will there be a war with Iran?
    Posted by: Andrew
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