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    Forum » Other matters » Politics and World News » Mortality 50% in Wuhan from coronavirus 2019-nCoV
    Mortality 50% in Wuhan from coronavirus 2019-nCoV
    Andrew Date: Saturday, 01.02.2020, 23:20 | Post # 1
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    The current mortality rate published in the media does not reflect the final mortality rate due to the dynamics of the growth of detected cases and a time shift from the date of hospitalization to the day of death. In China, officially published data on the death dates of 29 patients in Wuhan Hospital. According to these data, it turns out that the average period from the day of hospitalization to the death of the patient is 9.4 days.

    We have daily official data on the number of cases in Hubei province (including Wuhan) and data on the total number of deaths for each day. Based on this, we can estimate the mortality rate. For this assessment, we must correlate the current number of deaths with the number of cases, which was 9.4 days earlier.

    On February 2, the number of coronavirus deaths in Wuhan is 294.
    9 days earlier, on January 24, 549 cases were reported.
    10 days earlier, on January 23rd, 444 cases were reported.

    294 / 549 x 100 = 54%
    294 / 444 x 100 = 66%

    The real of mortality is between these two numbers. That's fucked up!

    Maybe this epidemic will end in the summer. But with the exponential increase in the number of cases that we see today in Wuhan, 25% of new cases every day, the coronavirus epidemic can destroy half of the elderly around the world before the onset of summer.

    Tell me, doesn't this look like the beginning of the Great Tribulation?
    Andrew Date: Saturday, 01.02.2020, 23:52 | Post # 2
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    After 2 repatriation flights were conducted from Wuhan to Japan in late January, 5 out of approximately 400 persons repatriated were diagnosed
    with the virus, of whom 1 was symptomatic and 4 were not.

    How many carriers of the virus must be in Wuhan to infect 1.25% of passengers if 10 million people are left in Wuhan now?

    In Wuhan, 100 thousand people are already infected with the virus.

    You will not be able to protect your countries and cities from the epidemic with this level of spread of the 2019-nCoV virus. 

    This is a global catastrophe. Now, while there are places in hospitals and patients are given oxygen and artificial lung ventilation, they do continuous blood transfusion, they inject antibiotics intravenously, they use very expensive modern equipment.

    With such exponential growth, the number of patients will increase 8 times in ten days, and the hospital will not be able to provide them with the necessary assistance. Mortality may increase to 70-80%.

    What is happening now in Wuhan will happen in other countries in a month.

    But I did not say the main thing. If these events are the beginning of the Great Tribulation, then we must be afraid of something else, and not this epidemic.

    What should we be afraid of?

    Please read chapter 24 of the Gospel of Matthew again.
    Andrew Date: Monday, 03.02.2020, 13:23 | Post # 3
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    ... when the overflowing scourge shall pass through, then ye shall be trodden down by it.
    From the time that it goeth forth it shall take you: for morning by morning shall it pass over, by day and by night ...

    (Isaiah 28:18-19)

    It is assumed that now the epidemics of this viral pneumonia from the coronavirus 2019-nCoV will be repeated every autumn and winter season, and those who have already been ill will again become ill, as is the case with influenza epidemics.

    ... and the hail shall sweep away the refuge of lies ...
    (Isaiah 28:18)

    What lies are we talking about?  — 2% mortality.

    If you hadn’t lied from the very beginning, if all the media didn’t continue to lie now, there wouldn’t be such a terrible number of infected people, you would have quenched this epidemic as you had quenched the SARS epidemic in 2002-2003. But you have lied and are still lying, so now you will meet a deadly scourge every fall.

    Too many infected. The virus will find natural reservoirs or just every year will move from one hemisphere to another, depending on the season.
    Andrew Date: Monday, 03.02.2020, 18:07 | Post # 4
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    If Chinese leaders wanted to tell the truth about mortality from coronavirus, then they could publish a summary of the first thousand patients: the date of hospitalization, the date of recovery or death, gender and age. The fact that this is hiding proves the correctness of our assumptions about the high mortality from the coronavirus 2019-nCoV.  
    Andrew Date: Monday, 03.02.2020, 18:20 | Post # 5
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    In the best case, if a medical report published in Beijing gives a true sample containing data on the first hundred patients, we get a mortality rate of 11 / (11 +31) x 100 = 26%.

    This is in conditions of an equipped hospital, when there were a sufficient number of places in intensive care wards. Today, in Hubei Province, 478 patients are in critical condition. And I doubt that in the intensive care wards there are enough places for these patients.
    Andrew Date: Wednesday, 05.02.2020, 15:48 | Post # 6
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    With the SARS epidemic in 2002-2003, mortality in Canada and Hong Kong was 17%, while in China only 6.6%. Do you know why?

    You can not trust the communist authorities.

    Now in Wuhan, hospitals are no longer able to receive new patients, the diagnostic possibilities are also exhausted, people will prefer to die at home than in quarantine centers equipped in stadiums and in hotels where there are no doctors and nurses. Those who die at home will not fall into the static data of deaths from coronavirus.

    You can focus on the statistics that we had in January. And according to these data, mortality from coronavirus is about 50%.

    I think that a reasonable way out is not to succumb to panic, but try to evacuate from the city if you live in a large city. It is safer to be in the village without leaving your home for several months until the last cases of coronavirus infection have ended.

    Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself as it were for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.
    Andrew Date: Wednesday, 12.02.2020, 23:44 | Post # 7
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    So far, the curve is approaching 25%.

    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 18.02.2020, 03:29 | Post # 8
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    The British epidemiologists explain this:


    Coronavirus spreads rapidly, and in most infected people the disease proceeds in an asymptomatic form. A significant number of severe cases and fatal cases begin to appear later. If we evaluate the mortality rate in relation to all infected people, then it is relatively small. But given the huge number of infected, which is growing at an incredible rate, hospitals are overloaded with severe cases, and the mortality rate is large in relation to the number of diagnosed cases. In Wuhan, we see just such a case.

    The only option that can prevent this scenario for other cities is to prevent massive infection through strict quarantine measures. This option forces the authorities to lock residents in their homes and stop industrial production at most   enterprises. This will require long quarantine. Any weakening of quarantine measures could trigger a new outbreak of the epidemic, similar to the one in Wuhan.

    Humanity has been trapped. The collapse of the global economy is inevitable. To defeat this epidemic, high discipline is needed; organized quarantine measures are needed throughout the world. And this victory can be achieved only at the cost of huge losses for the global economy.
    Andrew Date: Saturday, 22.02.2020, 10:24 | Post # 9
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    We present case  fatality ratio  (CFR)  estimates for three  strata  of 2019-nCoV  infections. For  cases detected  in  Hubei,  we  estimate  the  CFR  to  be  18%  (95%  credible  interval:  11%-81%).  For  cases detected in travellers outside mainland China, we obtain central estimates of the CFR in the range 1.2-5.6% depending on the statistical methods, with substantial uncertainty around these central values.

    https://www.imperial.ac.uk/mrc-glo....navirus (see Report 4)
    Andrew Date: Sunday, 23.02.2020, 05:52 | Post # 10
    Group: Administrators
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    21 February 2020 - Imperial College London‌

    Although travel restrictions from Wuhan City and other cities across China may have reduced the absolute number of travellers to and from China, we estimated that about two thirds of COVID-19 cases exported from mainland China have remained undetected worldwide, potentially resulting in multiple chains of as yet undetected human-to-human transmission outside mainland China.

    Andrew Date: Sunday, 23.02.2020, 06:00 | Post # 11
    Group: Administrators
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    I think now we can say with confidence that the Great Tribulation will begin in the very near future, before 1 Nisan (March 26), 2020.

    These morons can't do anything. The virus has already spread to most countries. Wherever an outbreak of the coronavirus epidemic occurs, quarantine will be introduced, enterprises will be stopped, and the population will be isolated in their own homes. The collapse of the global economy is inevitable. The head of the beast-666, USA, will receive a mortal wound. But then the Antichrist will appear, and this wound will be healed.

    Andrew Date: Sunday, 23.02.2020, 06:11 | Post # 12
    Group: Administrators
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    The WHO Director is named  HebrewJesus. This lying politically correct animal is not able to lead the fight against the epidemic of a new plague.

    Come and see. And I saw, and behold a white horse: and he that sat on him had a bow; and a crown was given unto him ...

    Of course, this is just a pun.
    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 03.03.2020, 07:37 | Post # 13
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    CFR score for the whole world without statistics from China and Iran:

    Current Estimates

    14.14% (13.42%- 14.86% Confidence Interval: 95%) Current as of 2/29/20 6:00am EST


    There are many useful links on the page for those interested in CFR and R0.
    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 03.03.2020, 07:43 | Post # 14
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    CFR = deaths / (deaths + recovered)

    which, with the latest data available, would be equal to:

    3,119 / (3,119 + 48,174) = 6% CFR (worldwide)

    If we now exclude cases in mainland China, using current data on deaths and recovered cases, we get:

    175 / (175 + 910) = 16.1% CFR (outside of mainland China)


    This, of course, is not 50%, but it’s insanely large anyway, given that patients are being treated. When there will be too many cases, no one will treat them.
    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 10.03.2020, 19:51 | Post # 15
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 543
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    The new report shows a mortality rate in Wuhan of 28%.

    Forum » Other matters » Politics and World News » Mortality 50% in Wuhan from coronavirus 2019-nCoV
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