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The 3D model of the Third Temple was created

 according to Ezekiel's prophecy, and it was determined location of

 the Third Temple in the Judean desert

Wednesday, 22.03.2023



...that they may all be one; even as You,
Father, are in Me and I in You, that they
also may be in Us, so that the world
may believe that You sent Me.

   (John 17:21)






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Forum for the construction of Ezekiel's Temple, the Third Temple of Israel

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    Forum » The Third Temple » Theology of the Third Temple » Roadmap for Exodus-2
    Roadmap for Exodus-2
    Andrew Date: Friday, 04.01.2019, 20:51 | Post # 1
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    1. A place that is defined as the location of the future Third Temple must be confirmed. There are ruins in this place, which we consider as the ruins of an altar built by Abraham in the land of Moriah.

    If Israeli archaeologists discover the burial of the remains of a sacrificial ram about 4,000 years old and fragments of a bronze knife from the Middle Bronze Age, about 120 meters to the west and another 26 meters south of the center of the altar, this will confirm the correctness of our method of literally applying the dimensions specified in the prophecy of Ezekiel. (See video.)

    2. The third Temple in accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel should be built on this place, 30 km south of Jerusalem, on the southern slope of a high and beautiful mountain, near the watershed line of the basins of the streams Nahal Hever and Nahal Arugot. I hope that the government of Israel will not be able to prevent this construction, remembering the fate of Pharaoh, who opposed the exodus of the Jews from Egypt.

    3. When the Temple is built, messengers of Jesus Christ from all nations will have to enter the East Gate of the Temple. For Scripture to be fulfilled, this must happen from the 1st to the 10th of Tishrei, from Rosh Hashanah to Yom Kippur. After this, the Eastern Gate of the Temple will be closed forever.

    4. After this comes the test for those who entered the Eastern Gate: 2300 evenings and mornings. This period is not equal to 2300 days, and this period is not equal to 1150 days. There is a more complicated calculation, which is too early to talk about. This period will be a test not only for the saints, but also for all Christians, all Jews and all people in general: they will judge God, and as a result, God will judge them themselves.

    5. The city of Yahweh Shammah will appear, and the states neighboring Israel will cede the territories that are defined as the territory of Israel in the prophecy of Ezekiel. The tribes of Israel will be restored, each tribe of Israel will receive its land portion.

    Andrew Date: Friday, 04.01.2019, 21:02 | Post # 2
    Group: Administrators
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    As you can see, things are easy: we must persuade Israeli archeologists to carry out excavations in this place of the Judean desert. (Unfortunately, Israeli archaeologists may be atheists, and it will be difficult to drag them to this place, telling them about the prophecy of Ezekiel).

    We do not have the right to make archaeological excavations on our own!

    We do not have the right to use a metal detector to search for fragments of the knife of Abraham!

    I can not come to Israel due to lack of documents. Therefore, this simple point is impossible for me.
    Andrew Date: Friday, 04.01.2019, 22:06 | Post # 3
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    Once again about the sacrifice of Abraham.

    Abraham could not manage to go the route from Be'er Sheva to Jerusalem for 2 days. The length of this mountain route is more than 100 km. If a person can force to kill himself, walking 50 km a day, you cannot force an ass. Abraham could not try to sacrifice a man in sight of the city, which was already there in antiquity. Mount Moriah is not the land of Moriah, these are two different places. King David would never have called the land of Moriah the threshingfloor of Ornan the Jebusite.

    After the completion of the sacrifice, Abraham had to bury the remains of the sacrificial ram so that the predatory animals could not eat them. Abraham had to get rid of his knife, because this knife became a shrine and could not be used for everyday needs, and this knife became terrible for Abraham because of his son.

    Since the Lord God knew that the Third Temple would be built on this site in the future, He could not allow Abraham to bury the remains of a ram and knife fragments in an arbitrary place. The Lord God knew that in the future, any construction site in Israel before the start of construction work is examined by archaeologists. And if archeologists with the help of a metal detector find fragments of a bronze knife of the Middle Bronze Age, together with the bones of a ram, the age of 4,000 years, they will understand that the ruins with stones scattered around it is an ancient altar. People will realize that they have found an altar built by Abraham and many may want to make a pilgrimage to the place where Abraham’s knife was discovered.

    The Lord God could not allow people to go to worship to the place where the remains of the sacrificial ram are buried. Therefore, the Lord God could show Abraham a place that in the future would be inaccessible to the general public.

    The right place is located in the inner court of the Third Temple, at the western edge of the southern row of the inner court galleries. The remains of sacrifices and ashes from the altar will be stored at this place in the future Temple. This place is located about 120 meters to the west and another 26 meters south of the center of the altar.

    To predatory animals could not unearth the remains of the sacrificial ram, Abraham had to put a large stone at the top of the hole he dug.

    These are signs of the place where archaeologists must search for fragments of a bronze knife and the remains of a sacrificial ram.

    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 29.01.2019, 14:44 | Post # 4
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 693
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    For me personally, the 1st point of the roadmap is not mandatory: even in the absence of archaeological research, I am sure that the prophecy of Ezekiel shows us exactly this place for the future of the Third Temple. You can independently verify the accuracy of my measurements in Google Earth:

    The procedure for determining the exact location of the Third Temple and determining the exact borders of Israel in accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel.

    If there were any real Messianic Jews in Israel, we could begin public actions today, with the goal of obtaining permission from the government to build Ezekiel's Temple in a natural reserve in the Judean desert. Israel is a democratic state, and even small groups of citizens have the right to exercise their religious cult.

    If the Messianic Jews need the Temple of Messianic Judaism in the Judean desert for their religion, then who can forbid them to build Ezekiel's Temple on a place that is not occupied?

    Even a small number of activists could move this matter off the ground, and archaeological excavations can be done later. Unfortunately, I am not familiar with any of the Messianic Jews from Israel, moreover, here in the North Caucasus I am in complete isolation.
    Andrew Date: Friday, 07.08.2020, 23:14 | Post # 5
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    Scheme of the last, 70th week of Daniel:

    Forum » The Third Temple » Theology of the Third Temple » Roadmap for Exodus-2
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