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    Forum » Holy Scripture » Questions about the Holy Scriptures » Mount Moriah is not the land of Moriah from Genesis (Bible evidence)
    Mount Moriah is not the land of Moriah from Genesis
    Andrew Date: Monday, 13.01.2020, 21:29 | Post # 1
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    Mount Moriah is not the land of Moriah from Genesis, this should be understood by anyone who has read the book of Genesis. We must imagine the then life of people. Already at that time there was a settlement of people on the site of today's Jerusalem. There were not so many uninhabited places; one of such places was the land of Moriah, part of the Judean desert. Abraham had to take firewood with him, because there was no forest in the desert. Near Jerusalem there was no less firewood than near Be'er Sheva, from where Abraham set off.

    We must take into account that Abraham used the services of a donkey to deliver firewood. From the history of military affairs, we know that infantry could travel great distances than horse troops. The fact is that the horse did not understand that it could be shot for failure to comply with the order, the horses were not afraid of the military field court. Therefore, the horse could overcome no more than 40 kilometers per day. A donkey, a relative of the horse, does the same: there is no power that can force a donkey to go more than 35-40 km in one day.

    From Be'er Sheva to Jerusalem about 105 km on the highway. There wasn’t such a convenient highway at the time of Abraham, so the path could be even longer. We should not forget that on this route Abraham had to overcome mountain passes, so he would hardly be able to meet the deadline of three days then.

    But in fact, Abraham was given only two days to go this way, because in addition he had to have time to build an altar. As a rule, good stones suitable for the altar are scattered at the bottom of ravines and streams, and altars are built in elevated places. Abraham and Isaac had to spend a lot of their strength before the altar was built. And it also took a lot of time.

    Another argument in favor of the fact that this sacrifice could not be carried out on Mount Moriah in Jerusalem. Already at that time there was a settlement on the site of present-day Jerusalem, and if Abraham who had arrived there began to build an altar there, it would attract local residents. Moreover, the person there was supposed to be a sacrifice.

    So, having read only the book of Genesis and comparing what was written there with what we know about Israel and donkeys, we can confidently say that the Jewish tradition that identifies the Temple Mount in Jerusalem with the land of Moriah is false.

    And if in addition we read the book of Chronicles, where the name "Moriah" is found for the second time, though not as "the land of Moriah", but as "the mountain of Moriah", we are entitled to ask God why in the earlier book of the Bible, in the 2nd book of Samuel , King David calls this "Mount Moriah" only as "threshingfloor
    of Araunah the Jebusite"? What significance could Araunah (Ornan) have had that no one had heard of before if David really knew that he had been shown a place known as the land of Moriah, a famous place that all Israelis had heard of?

    The answer is simple: King David knew nothing that the place shown to him was the land of Moriah.

    Perhaps in the future, in the minds of some scribes, the idea arose that this place could be the land of Moriah, but God saved them from this error, and they wrote in the book of Chronicles that the Temple was built on Mount Moriah. A mountain is not land, therefore a coincidence of names does not necessarily indicate the identity of these two places.

    Now I will tell you the story of the sacrifice of Abraham, as I see it myself.

    Abraham hit the road in the morning, and he was on the road for two days, and on the morning of the third day he saw this place from afar. This place in the Judean desert is really visible from afar, if you go down from the Hebron Highlands, which is on the way between Be'er Sheva and the land of Moriah.

    The place where the altar was located is on the right, outside the picture. In the middle, in the haze, Moab is visible, the eastern shore of the Dead Sea.

    Directly in front of this place there is a hill, there is a place near the Nahal Hever stream, and the servants of Abraham remained near the stream.

    From this place the slope on which Abraham built the altar was not visible.

    How did we get to this place? We came to this place, reading the prophecy of Ezekiel. This place is the center of the allotment dedicated to the Lord, it is here that the Third Temple should be built.

    Andrew Date: Monday, 13.01.2020, 21:32 | Post # 2
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    This video shows a method by which you can accurately determine the place of the future Temple:

    Andrew Date: Monday, 13.01.2020, 23:44 | Post # 3
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    Now we’ll think about what else there can be evidence that we used the right method, we really found the land of Moriah. First of all, here is a snapshot of the place located in the very center of the rectangle, which defines the boundaries of the territory intended for the Lord:

    We found on the Internet only this photograph, where the camera was aimed exactly at the place that is the center of the Lord’s possession according to Ezekiel. Obviously, at the top of the mountainside, we see what remains of the altar built by Abraham.

    It would be nice to explore this place in more detail, but for this you need to get to Israel, and this is an unattainable dream for me so far. So far, I can only try to understand the actions of Abraham at this place in this situation to find any evidence confirming our assumption that in this photo we see the ruins of the altar of Jehovah Jireh (Yahweh Jireh).

    What items did Abraham have to bring with him for the sacrifice? Of course, Abraham had to have a knife. This knife, after using it to slaughter a sacrificial ram, became the shrine of the Lord. After that, this knife could no longer be used for other matters, for one's own household needs. If it was difficult for Abraham to provide sanctity for this item, then this item should have been destroyed. The second motive for the destruction of this knife by Abraham could be that this knife became scary for Abraham: he almost killed his son with this knife.

    Abraham had to break this knife, and the fragments of the knife he had to bury as deep as possible. It was convenient to superpose the burial of a knife with the burial of the remains of a carcass of a sacrificial ram.

    The pit for the burial of the intestines and bones of the sacrificial ram had to be located at some distance from the altar, so as not to spoil the view of this place. Abraham walked to the altar from the west, and his servants awaited him beyond the hill on the west side of this place. Therefore, it was convenient for him to choose a place for the pit to the west of the altar, but not reaching the place where the servants were waiting for him.

    Wild animals are able to smell the meat even if the remains are covered with a layer of earth, therefore, to protect the burial from predators, it is necessary to put a large stone at the top of the burial, which will not allow the animals to dig out this hole. Therefore, Abraham found a place for a hole near a large stone that cannot be raised, but can only be turned over together. Abraham could dig this hole using his knife. In this case, the knife would become blunt and unusable. By digging a deep hole, he could break his bronze knife, and he threw the knife fragments to the bottom of the hole. Then, the innards and bones of the sacrificial ram wrapped in its hide were thrown into this pit. Abraham, along with Isaac, covered the pit with earth, threw stones, and a large stone was turned over from above.

    If the Lord knew everything in advance ... He knew that everyone would forget where this place was located. If He knew in advance that this place would be shown to Ezekiel. The Lord knew that His House would be built on this site, according to the prophecy of Ezekiel. God knew that in future Israel, before starting any construction, the land would be examined by archaeologists. He knew that archaeologists were using a metal detector and they would find fragments of a bronze knife from the Middle Bronze Age. Next to the fragments of a knife, archaeologists will find the bones of a sacrificial ram 4000 years old, they will determine the age of the bones using the radiocarbon method. And then people will understand that they have found the very place that is written in the Bible about which all of humanity knows.

    Then the pilgrimage to the burial place of the sacrificial ram can begin! Close access to this place? But the Temple will be built here, there will be many visitors.

    And the Lord could make it so that this place on which a large stone lay turned out to be in the future Temple in the territory inaccessible to visitors, in the courtyard, at the place where the waste from sacrifices will be stored in the Temple.

    We restored the view of the Temple in accordance with the vision of Ezekiel, and we determined that this place is located 120 meters west of the center of the altar, and another 26 meters to the south.

    So, the wheel of prophecy made a full circle: if at this place, the location of which was determined using the prophecy of Ezekiel, archaeologists will find fragments of a bronze knife of the Middle Bronze Age, and they will find the bones of a sacrificial ram 4000 years old, then this will be proof of the correctness of our reasoning.

    This will mean that we can build the Temple right now! Space is free, and the scheme of the Temple is clear to us.
    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 14.01.2020, 07:29 | Post # 4
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    Many tourists come to Israel. It is possible that one of you, having read about the location of the land of Moriah and the ruins of the altar of Jehovah Jireh, would like to visit this place with a metal detector.

    I must warn you that the use of a metal detector in Israel is prohibited by law. You should also take into account the fact that this place is the place of the future earthly residence of the Lord God, that is, this place has a high degree of holiness even now, and this place is under the gaze of God Himself, the name Jehovah Jireh (Yahweh Jireh) speaks of such divine attention.

    The Israeli government should have taken this place under protection now, without waiting for the flow of tourists to the stones of Abraham’s altar, but unfortunately, the Israeli government does not understand such things at all.
    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 14.01.2020, 07:54 | Post # 5
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    When you get to this place, you should be especially careful there: due to soil erosion, fragments of the bronze knife of Abraham can be on the surface. Before you try to pick up such an object, you should take a picture to fix the initial position of the artifact, the direction to the north should be indicated on the picture, landmarks should be visible by which to find this place in the future, and there should be a measuring ruler nearby, so that you can estimate the size of this object. It is forbidden by law to carry out any independent excavations near this place, by inept and improperly documented excavations, you can complicate the further work of archaeologists.

    During the time that has passed since the construction of this altar by Abraham, the height of this slope decreased significantly.

    The surface of the slope, located under the stones of the altar, was protected from erosion, so over time the altar was in a higher place, compared with the rest of the slope. When this elevation of the altar above the slope became too large, the extreme rows of stones began to roll down from the hillock on which the altar rose. The altar began to look like a heap of stones, scattered on a mound rising above the rest of the slope. After that, the altar stones under the influence of rains, frosts and wind began to slowly slide down the slope. We are observing this picture now: a small mound on the southern slope of the mountain, and on the slope located below this mound we see scattered stones.

    Please do not touch, turn over or carry these stones.

    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 14.01.2020, 08:04 | Post # 6
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    Abraham could use a very expensive knife, because it was a sacrifice to the Lord God. This knife could be presented to Abraham by the pharaoh.

    But in addition to an expensive bronze knife, there may be less remarkable objects in that place, which however can serve as additional evidence that a sacrifice was taking place in this place. These may be items that Abraham used to receive fire.

    All objects that were used to perform the sacrifice to the Lord became the shrine of the Lord, and if there was a danger of their further improper use, then such objects should have been broken and buried.
    Andrew Date: Tuesday, 14.01.2020, 23:15 | Post # 7
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    Land of Moriah, view from the Hebron Highlands:

    Forum » Holy Scripture » Questions about the Holy Scriptures » Mount Moriah is not the land of Moriah from Genesis (Bible evidence)
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