Ezekiel's Temple

Tour of the Temple of Ezekiel's vision





The 3D model of the Third Temple was created

 according to Ezekiel's prophecy, and it was determined location of

 the Third Temple in the Judean desert

Friday, 19.07.2024



...that they may all be one; even as You,
Father, are in Me and I in You, that they
also may be in Us, so that the world
may believe that You sent Me.

   (John 17:21)






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    A strange dream
    Andrew Date: Sunday, 04.04.2021, 17:24 | Post # 1
    Group: Administrators
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    Only me and the driver were on the bus, and an elderly woman with an expressionless face slipped through the door, to talk to the driver about something, then the postman turned in my direction and clearly said her last name and first name (Russian), but I did not remember. Further, I saw three thin school notebooks with thin one-color covers, ordinary ones. There was something written inside them, but I did not open them. The first notebook had an unwritten cover, obviously, there was less written in it and inside. On the cover of the second notebook there were 4 lines, numbered 1) 2) 3) 4) by hand, and then in each line there were several words in handwriting, but I did not read what was written. As if it were a plan or content written inside a notebook. On the cover of the third notebook was written in writing: "bitter and sweet wormwood".

    Perhaps I was able to interpret this dream.

    A notebook in Russian is "tetrad", from the word "tetra", that is, "quarters of paper sewn into a book". Three notebooks are three periods of 3 months each, fourth part of the year each.

    The first 3 months nothing special will happen — this is April, May, June.

    Further, in the next 3 months, the Awakening will begin, the 4 horsemen of the Apocalypse, and during this period the chosen ones from the four winds will appear — July, August, September.

    Further, in the next 3 months, the Antichrist will be revealed, the "Wormwood Star" — October, November, December.
    Andrew Date: Sunday, 04.04.2021, 17:31 | Post # 2
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
    Status: Offline
    Regarding "bitter and sweet wormwood", there are two wonderful passages from Scripture where these two opposite properties coexist: the prophet Ezekiel and the apostle John, each of them eats a book scroll with similar properties of sweetness and bitterness at the same time.  
    Andrew Date: Sunday, 04.04.2021, 19:21 | Post # 3
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
    Status: Offline
    In practice, this can mean that there are no more than 6 months left to leave religious denominations. The  Sabbatical year starts on September 7th. Around this time, the devil will be cast out to the "earth" of carnal Christianity.  
    Andrew Date: Monday, 05.04.2021, 18:17 | Post # 4
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
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    Today, the general scheme of events of the Apocalypse looks like this:

    Andrew Date: Thursday, 06.05.2021, 19:23 | Post # 5
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
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    After removing the first seal, I intend to delete all my sites, because that was their task.  
    Andrew Date: Monday, 24.05.2021, 00:24 | Post # 6
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
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    If we assume that the beginning of the year should be shifted by a month due to the cold spring, then  Sivan 23 will be approximately July 3. This day should be considered the closest to the expected event.

    The longest verse in the Bible, Esther 8:9. July 4 marks the 245th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence, which is equal to half of 70 weeks.
    Andrew Date: Friday, 28.05.2021, 18:07 | Post # 7
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
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    This afternoon I went to bed and when I had not yet fallen asleep, I saw something like four animals. They flapped their wings very quickly, and moved very quickly, they had four heads, I could not make out their faces, because they were vaguely and moved quickly, and the flaps of the wings were sharp and fast, and the wheels were vaguely visible under them. The color of the animals and the wheels was the same: flesh-bronze. And the distance between them was small, they moved quickly and erratically.  
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