Ezekiel's Temple

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The 3D model of the Third Temple was created

 according to Ezekiel's prophecy, and it was determined location of

 the Third Temple in the Judean desert

Friday, 19.07.2024



...that they may all be one; even as You,
Father, are in Me and I in You, that they
also may be in Us, so that the world
may believe that You sent Me.

   (John 17:21)






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Forum for the construction of Ezekiel's Temple, the Third Temple of Israel

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    Are there Messianic Jews in nature?
    Andrew Date: Thursday, 08.04.2021, 06:00 | Post # 1
    Group: Administrators
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    For all the time that I spent on the forums, the project of the Third Temple in accordance with the prophecy of Ezekiel had the support of some Christians, representatives of different denominations, or non-denominational ones. But among those who supported this project, I do not remember a single so-called "Messianic Jew." This is all the more surprising that the only denomination of Christianity that should support the construction of the Messianic Temple in Israel are Messianic Jews. Actually, if the Messianic Jews of Israel do not participate in this project, then it is impracticable in principle.

    I have heard opinions from other Christians that the so-called "Messianic Jews" are actually just charismatics in kippahs. That is, these are people who are very superficial in theology, who have picked up all sorts of nonsense from Christianity, carnal Christians who have adorned themselves with national Jewish clothes. I would like to be wrong in this assessment of Messianic Jews, but for now the fact remains: the attendance of my forum by Messianic Jews from Israel is zero. Americans, Europeans, Chinese, Koreans, Christians from African countries, Arabs come to this site. Even from Iran there are regular visitors to this forum. There are no Jews from Israel here.
    Andrew Date: Thursday, 08.04.2021, 06:07 | Post # 2
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
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    My guess is that Messianic Jews are following their spiritual leaders, and these leaders, like the rest of Christian leaders, are under the hood of a false prophet, the false spirit of the false Christian religion. Until the Jews wake up the instinct of self-preservation in order to turn directly to God and deal with the prophecy of Ezekiel on their own, the issue of building the Temple will not get off the ground.  
    Andrew Date: Thursday, 08.04.2021, 07:20 | Post # 3
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
    Status: Offline
    It would seem that we all read the same Bible. Anyone who reads Ezekiel's prophecy about the Temple should understand the obvious:

    1. This Temple described by Ezekiel was never built.
    2. This Temple does not look like the Second Temple, the building of the Temple expands upward with each floor, the area around the Temple cleared of extraneous buildings is about 1 square mile.
    3. The temple is not located in Jerusalem, because there is no suitable mountain there, and all other signs point to a different place.
    4. The Church must enter the Temple, because what other "glory of the Lord" can enter there?
    5. In the Temple there will be no veil in the Most Holy Place.
    6. There will be no table for the shewbreads in the Temple.
    7. There will be no menorah in the Temple.
    8. There will be no ark of the covenant in the Temple.
    9. There will be no office of high priest in the Temple.
    10. There is no evening sacrifice in the Temple.
    11. There is no Pentecost in the Temple, Bikurim.
    12. There is no Passover celebration in the Temple with the slaughter of lambs.
    13. There are no two-goat ceremonies in the Temple on Yom Kippur.

    After what we have read in the Bible, how can one think that this Temple can be built by the unbelievers in Yeshua by the staff of the Temple Institute? But if this Temple is not built, then our expectations of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ are in vain, because this particular Temple is the site of the Second Coming of Jesus Christ, for the redemption of Israel.
    Andrew Date: Thursday, 08.04.2021, 07:28 | Post # 4
    Group: Administrators
    Posts: 697
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    What conclusion can be drawn? Stupid fools are looking in the opposite direction to God, waiting for some kind of "ark of the Covenant" when the prophet Jeremiah clearly said that the old ark of the Covenant would no longer be there. They expect some action from someone, but they themselves do not want to move their ass from their familiar place in order to at least read the word "Yeshua" written on the mountains opposite the future site of the Temple.

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