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    Forum » The Third Temple » Theology of the Third Temple » Calculation of the sequence of Jubilees of Israel
    Calculation of the sequence of Jubilees of Israel
    Andrew Date: Friday, 14.12.2018, 10:55 | Post # 1
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    The method of restoring the sequence of the Jubilees of Israel is very simple. I proceeded from the fact that the Lord God remembered the years of the Jubilees forgotten by the Israelites and "marked" them with historical signs. The beginning of the Israel Jubilee should be counted from the moment of Israelis' entry into Eretz Yisrael under the leadership of Joshua.

    Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land which I give you ...
    (Leviticus 25:2)

    To calculate this date, we must rely on:

    And it came to pass in the four hundred and eightieth year after the children of Israel were come out of the land of Egypt, in the fourth year of Solomon’s reign over Israel, in the month Zif, which [is] the second month, that he began to build the house of the LORD.
    (1 Kings 6: 1)

    King Solomon built the Temple for 7 years.

    We can take the approximate year of the building of the Temple by King Solomon from some directory (I took from the Catholics - 975 BC), but this date needs to be clarified, "tied" to the Sabbath years, because the count of the Jubilees is related to the beginning of the count of the Sabbath years.

    The main mistake that Jews allow: The jubilee year always follows after a multiple of the 7th
     Sabbatical year, that is, the periodicity of the Jubilees is 49, not 50 years, not like most commentators say.

    The first Jubilee of Israel was after the seventh
     Sabbatical year, that is, after the 49th year of the entry of the Israelites into the Land of the Covenant.

    The sequence of Jubilees: the 50th year, the 99th year, the 148th year and so on, with a periodicity of 49 years.

    Because the celebration of Pentecost does not violate the sequence of Sabbaths. For the same reason, the celebration of the Jubilees of Israel does not violate the periodicity of the seven-year cycles.

    It is a fact that Jews never celebrated Jubilee years in accordance with the Law. Rabbi Shtenzalz in the "Introduction to the Talmud" indicates that there were two opinions on the periodicity of the Jubilees of Israel - 49 or 50 years. It is impossible to observe the law of the Jubilees of Israel, if the Israelis do not have a consensus on the date of the celebration.

    Now we have to decide on the date of the beginning of the count of the
     Sabbatical years.

    Here we are helped by historians: in 1 Maccabees (6:49) there is a mention of the
     Sabbatical year and the famine that was due to the siege of the city.

    But with them that were in Bethsura he made peace: for they came out of the city, because they had no victuals there to endure the siege, it being a year of rest to the land.

    The directories indicate that it was in 164/163 BC.

    975 + 480-40 + 7 = 1422 BC.

    But with a countdown of seven years from 164 BC, the next year, following the next, a multiple of seven, will be 1423 BC. This, 1423 BC, we accept as the year of the entry of the Israelites led by Joshua into the land of Israel.
    After this, we make up the sequence of the Jubilees of Israel:

    1374 BC, 1325 BC, 1276 BC ........ 2 year BC. // 48th year, 97th year ......... 2008 ...

    After that, we draw a table, and start looking for significant historical events reflected in the Bible, or having a worldwide significance in history, contextually related to the Law on the Jubilee of Israel (return of land to former owners, liberation from slavery, etc.)

    I searched for a long time, using a popular reference book in addition to the Bible, where historical events have already been filtered according to their significance. There were exactly 7 such events.

    And then I realized: the significant events are "lightnings" that fall into a specific place and at a specific time, the information that has come down to us about these events is a "thunder", and the interpretation that we can get by writing these events consistently in a row, this is the "voice of thunder".

    Thus, we know the "voices of the seven thunders" from Revelation. And these voices pointed out to us that the 70th Jubilee of Israel came in 2008. What was that day?

    That day, I sat by the radio late in the evening, I waited for news, and I finally waited: the Dow Jones index fell 777 points in one day, setting its historic record. It was in Rosh Hashanah in 2008.
    Andrew Date: Friday, 14.12.2018, 22:10 | Post # 2
    Group: Administrators
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    As we can see, Israel’s 70th Jubilee has already come, but the Third Temple has not yet been built. This case is not as fast as we would like.

    The Israelites, led by Joshua, conquered the Land of the Covenant for many years and did not fully conquer it. I hope that we will be able to celebrate the 70th Jubilee of Israel by building Ezekiel's Temple.
    Andrew Date: Saturday, 05.01.2019, 17:50 | Post # 3
    Group: Administrators
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    After we have compiled the sequence of jubilees of Israel, we can specify the year of construction of the First Temple: 976 BC.  
    Andrew Date: Saturday, 05.01.2019, 20:13 | Post # 4
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    390 and 40 days of Ezekiel

    This prophecy of Ezekiel also relates to the jubilee years of Israel.
    Andrew Date: Monday, 07.01.2019, 02:16 | Post # 5
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    Moses fled from Egypt in 1503 BC. Hatshepsut, the foster mother of Moses, in the same year 1503 BC. made a coup d'etat, removing the minor pharaoh Thutmose III, who wanted to kill Moses, from power. But Moses did not want to sit on the throne with Queen Hatshepsut.

    Moses chose to remain in the wilderness. He has been in the desert for 40 years. Queen Hatshepsut reigned for about 20 years, until her death, and after her Pharaoh Thutmoos III reigned for another 20 years. When Thuthmos III died, God said to Moses:

    ... Go, return into Egypt: for all the men are dead which sought thy life. (Exodus 4:19)

    The queen Hatshepsut, who loved Moses and wanted him to rule Egypt, died. The son of the concubine, Pharaoh Thutmos III, who hated Moses and envied him, also died. "all the men are dead which sought thy life".

    How foolish are today's Christians, who rejoice when some Christians ascend to the throne of some "Egypt". Jesus and Moses refused to be kings over sinners, but such as George W. Bush, agree with the devil and become presidents. These "Christian" presidents are all antichrists, one and all.
    Andrew Date: Wednesday, 15.01.2020, 00:06 | Post # 6
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    Based on the fact that we now know the essence of the "voices of the seven thunders", and if we understood who the "two witnesses" were, and we understood that they had already died, then we have a look at all formal Christianity as an empty place: we they should not take into account that they still exist, we can’t get any support from Christian denominations, but they can’t harm us either.

    This fact may seem sad to us, because it’s much easier for a person to act when he can rely on existing structures of society. But this is not the case for God, God prefers to build in a new place, and the Temple itself proves this.
    Andrew Date: Monday, 19.10.2020, 21:15 | Post # 7
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    Based on the restored sequence of Israel's jubilees, we can state that the last week of Daniel began in 2020. 3444 years and 4 months before the 6th trumpet of the angel is a strong coincidence — this can be believed.

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